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On this page, I will tell you the basics of the game Tiny Tanks and some tactics to help you survive.

Controls Edit

Tiny tanks control

Game controls.

In Tiny Tanks, the controls to move are the arrows or WASD. Up and down or W and S are moving forward and backwards, and left and right or A and D are turning the tank. Shooting is the Control key or the space bar. To enable in-game chat, you have to press enter. To toggle music, you need to press M, and to use your power up, you can press E, X, or Z. Finally, if mouse aiming is on, your turret will aim directly where your mouse is pointing, so it is more accurate, though it might be slower. I prefer mouse aiming off because it is less complicated.

Gameplay Edit

The objective of Tiny Tanks is to destroy enemy tanks and survive. This might be slightly different in each game mode (for example, in CTF, you have to capture the flag a certain number of times). Nevertheless, there are certain tactics that can help you.

Hit-and-Run Edit

Hit-and-run is probably the best tactic in this game. It consists of a tank firing shots at an opponent, then moving backwards into cover. This is effective because not many shots can hit you, and ultimately that leads to longer survival. Therefore, practicing this skill is essential if you want to be any good at the game.


Camping in CTF.

Camping Edit

Camping is a decent tactic, but some may not like it because they think it is too chicken for them. This is good because you can hide behind cover and bounce off bullets. If you have good cover, it will be harder for opponents to get you. This tactic is most effective in a standard CTF arena, since there is only one point of entering the opponent's camp, and you can just defend that point by periodically firing off shots.

Bouncing Bullets Edit

This is the most-used tactic, and the most obvious one since everyone bounces their shots off the arena. It helps to destroy tanks faster if you don't have a clear line of sight and they can't come to you through the barrage of bullets. Bouncing your bullets is not even considered a tactic; it is too obvious since everyone uses it.

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